Vastu Shastra: Vastu Tips for a Healthy Life

Vastu Shastra is a mysterious theory of Indian cultural heritage. Not only is it an art of sensing the surrounding natural beauty, it is also a great way to harmonize the energy of a space. The word “Vas” means ‘to reside’, and Vastu Shastra teaches us how our place of residence can affect our lives.

Vastu Shastra: Vastu Tips for a Healthy Life

Importance of Vastu Shastra in the field of h1ealth:

Vastu Shastra is not just an energy science, rather it guides us towards a healthy and happy life. Through Vaastu Shastra, we can not only improve the environment around us but also ensure our physical and mental health.

Vastu Shastra is constantly evolving and teaches us that good health is our real wealth. According to the scriptures, if our health is good, we can achieve any goal.

Vastu Shastra Tips for a Healthy Lifestyle:

Vastu Shastra: Vastu Tips for a Healthy Life

Many times our health can be affected due to some Vaastu defects in the house, due to which we get worried. According to the scriptures, this is the time when Vaastu defects occur in our house and our family members face problems. Vaastu Shastra has suggested many solutions to solve this problem, by adopting which we can fill our house with positive energy and keep our health safe.

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The most important building style of your home-

Home is an integral part of our lifestyle, which makes us feel security, comfort, and peace. If we choose the construction style of our house carefully, it also has a positive effect on our health. Vastu Shastra, which holds an important place in Indian cultural streams, is a construction style that empowers you to make your home healthy.

1- Positive Waves:

Vaastu principles ensure the flow of positive energy, thereby bringing positive changes in your lifestyle. A balanced and energetic environment forms the source of your life force and motivates you to move forward positively.

2- Stress Reliever :

There is less stress in a space designed according to Vastu. The place offers you natural light, fresh air, and luxurious rooms, allowing you to rest your soul in peace and tranquility. A safe and secure spiritualist place always remains stress free and replaces you.

3- Energy balance:

The fundamental principle of Vaastu Shastra is to maintain the balance of the five elements – earth, water, fire, air, and space. This balance is essential for good health and Vastu Shastra helps ensure it. With the right energy balance, your home becomes a hub of positive energy and improves your energy status.

4- No health risks:

Vastu Nirman helps prevent health problems caused by poor ventilation or things placed in wrong places. You can improve your health by living in the right location and a properly designed home.

Some important Vastu Shastra tips for healthy and happy life:-

All over the world, the most talked about topic these days is health. Everyone is looking for new and advanced ways to stay healthy and safe. So let us know how we can take care of our and our family’s health by taking some measures according to Vastu Shastra.

1- Plant auspicious plants:

Infuse life into your home by planting vibrant, lush plants that not only purify indoor air but also contribute to enhancing your mental health. Consider auspicious and verified varieties like basil, aloe vera, ficus, pothos or money plant to bring vitality to your surroundings.

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2- Rock salt for refreshing environment:

Enhance the ambiance of your home with the magic of Himalayan rock salt. These crystals boast of powerful air-purifying properties, effectively neutralizing negative energies. To maintain a positive atmosphere, keep a bowl of rock salt in the corners of your room. Additionally, using salt for weekly floor cleaning can help eliminate airborne viruses and bacteria, promoting a clean and healthy environment.

3- Water Conservation for Health and Wealth:

According to Vastu, water symbolizes both health and wealth, making it an important element in your home. Keep a bowl full of water for birds and stray animals, this will not only contribute positively to your health but will also create good karma.

4- Strategic storage of food:

Grains and food items are kept in the south-west direction of the kitchen. It not only invites prosperity and abundance but also encourages healthy eating habits, which is important for a balanced and fulfilling life.

5- Aromatherapy with Camphor and Lemongrass:

Embrace the healing power of aromatherapy by burning camphor at least once a week to ward off negative energy. A mixture of neem or lemongrass can effectively purify the air, creating a refreshing environment in your home.

6- Entrance Harmony:

Maintain a clutter-free and organized entrance to attract positive energy into your living space. Wipe your entryway with a mixture of rock salt and water daily to prevent it from becoming a neglected area that accumulates negative energy.

7- Display of fruits:

Improve your mood and promote healthy living by displaying a vibrant basket of fresh fruits. Placing this colorful arrangement on your center table not only adds a touch of beauty but also serves as a constant reminder to lead a holistic lifestyle. Consider displaying a captivating image of this fruit in a prominent corner of your home to enhance positive energy.

FAQs related vashtu shastra for healthy life style:

1- What is the importance of bright light as per Vaastu?

Create a well-lit entrance, whether through natural or artificial means, ensuring that positive energy permeates every corner of your home. Architectural inclusions such as a side window next to the entrance or placing lamps or candles outside the entrance can provide adequate illumination, symbolizing the elimination of negativity.

2- Should Vaastu be kept in mind while choosing artwork for your living room?

Be careful when choosing artwork for your living room, staying away from pieces that express pain, sorrow or hardship. Discard any broken or non-functional objects, such as photo frames or mirrors, to prevent the accumulation of negative energy. Careful selection of art and removal of broken items will help maintain a positive and uplifting environment in your home.

3- How important is the direction of the house according to Vastu?

It is very important that the direction of your house is towards North or East. This golden rule connects your house with air and sun, making you always feel positivity. By living in these directions full of sunrays, we naturally get energy. And enjoy health. There is a picturesque place full of solar power here, due to which your mind always remains happy.

11- Right location of bathroom in the house:

According to Vaastu science, it is not advisable for the bathroom and kitchen to be adjacent to each other. It directly impacts our health and wealth. When these two areas of the house are located together, people are more likely to fall sick and there is also a greater flow of money, which increases expenses. To remove negative energy from the bathroom, you can fill a glass bowl with sea salt. This simple way can transform your home towards positivity and a healthy life.


Vastushastra is an important guide for your health. It can propel you towards a healthy and full of positive energy life. Most importantly, make this a means to create a new beginning in your life and get the most positive out of this experience. Make your home a vibrant and thriving hub of positivity and healthy living, and experience happiness and peace in the process.

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