Top 30 Indoor Plants Everyone Loves For Health

Every homeowner wants their home to be the most beautiful place on earth. Therefore, through this article we will tell you about ‘Top 30 Indoor Plants Everyone Loves For Health’. Trees and plants not only look beautiful but they also help in keeping our body healthy.

Everyone knows that trees provide us oxygen, through which we are able to breathe. But everyone knows one more thing that trees and plants are gradually decreasing around us. Because of this, there is a need for everyone to plant trees in their homes.

Top 30 Indoor Plants Everyone Loves For Health

Now, it is not necessary that everyone has a garden or a terrace garden. Because of this, the trend of planting indoor plants has increased significantly.

Firstly, it provides us with oxygen and secondly, it makes our house look beautiful. Therefore, today we are telling you about Top 30 Indoor Plants Everyone Loves For Health which will make the house green and the environment will also be pure.

Plant these 30 indoor plants at home and get beautiful and fresh air in your home-

If you have a soft spot for including green elements in your home decor, indoor plants should be your top priority.

It’s a common myth that houseplants only look good with big homes. If you live in a small space, indoor plants may not be for you. This article ‘Top 30 Indoor Plants Everyone Loves For Health’ will bust this myth and give you a list of the best indoor plant ideas.

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1- Areca Palm:-

Top 30 Indoor Plants Everyone Loves For Health

This plant purifies the air and prevents many diseases. It maintains humidity in the air by removing poisonous gases like carbon monoxide. It can be planted in a beautiful pot and decorated in the bedroom or living room.

This plant is very tall, hence plant it where there is good height. Dust gets deposited on the leaves of this plant very quickly, so keep cleaning it. Apart from this, sometimes for two to three months, this plant can be kept outside in the sun.

2- Arabica Coffee as an Indoor Plants:-

Top 30 Indoor Plants Everyone Loves For Health

If you are a coffee lover, then the Arabica coffee plant can be the perfect addition to your home. It is among the best indoor plants. This is a beautiful plant and is extremely low maintenance. It has bright green leaves which add beauty to your home. They are best suited to regular watering and medium indirect lighting.

3- Pine plants:-

This cedar plant does not need much care. But continue pruning it from time to time. It purifies the air at home. This plant can be placed in any area of the house. The special feature of this plant is that it releases oxygen even at night.

4- Aloe Vera:-

Top 30 Indoor Plants Everyone Loves For Health

Aloe vera works to purify the air at home. Not only this but it has many other benefits such as it is very good for skin and hair. This plant does not need much care, rather it grows easily. Just harvest it on time. Do not water this plant frequently. But it is very important to have moisture in the plant, hence water it once in three to four days.

5- String of pearls:-

Top 30 Indoor Plants Everyone Loves For Health

If you are a new homeowner who is inexperienced in choosing indoor plants, you may want to consider a beautiful String of Pearls as an indoor plant for yourself. It can add a beautiful aura to your living space as it can be placed in a hanging position. This plant needs good water and bright, indirect light conditions to grow well.

6- Red Aglaonema as an Indoor Plants:-

Want a dash of your own colour in your living room or bedroom? Don’t hesitate to choose red aglaonema as an indoor plant. Its exquisite bright pink appearance can spruce up any room. Moreover, it can handle irregular watering very well and can be maintained easily.

7- Asparagus fern:-

An asparagus fern is known for its bushy but delicate appearance. It can add depth and volume to your home decoration. This plant requires plenty of regular water and ranks among the favourite indoor plants.

Make sure your asparagus indoor plant receives sufficient indirect light. If you want your home to have a boho look, choose a minimalist wicker basket for asparagus ferns.

8- Cacti as an indoor plants:-

Top 30 Indoor Plants Everyone Loves For Health

One of the best indoor plants for the home is the cactus. They are available in different colours, shapes and sizes. Their occasional brightly coloured flowers can add a pop of colour to your room. Furthermore, cacti are known for their tolerance for under-watering. Therefore it is easy to care for such plants.

9- Pothos as an Indoor Plants:-

It is like a beautiful vine which can be planted in the drawing room, window or staircase of the house. Its vine becomes quite long and spreads far away. To support this vine, it has to be tied with a rope etc. This plant flourishes in the light of bulb and tube light. If you plant this plant in the bedroom then it will keep the whole room fresh.

10- Crocodile fern:-

As the name suggests, an alligator fern has funky-looking leaves with a jagged texture, much like crocodile skin. Therefore, it is an interesting home décor option for plant lovers. However, this plant can be a little finicky about soil water content and lighting conditions. Therefore, you need to be able to devote enough time to caring for this plant type.

11- Alocasia Black Velvet:-

One of the sweeter, smaller alocasias hanging around, this little black beauty has velvety leaves with silver veins. One of the few plants with a nearly black color, its dark and moody leaves add sophistication to a plant grouping.

Although a little more difficult to care for than some smaller indoor plants, treat this special beauty right and she will reward you with beautiful leaves year after year.

12- Boston fern as an Indoor Plants:-

It removes the polluted atmosphere inside the house. This plant requires a lot of water, so keep it on the balcony outside the bedroom. To keep this plant in the house for a long time, keep in mind that this plant should remain moist.

13- Money plant:-

Top 30 Indoor Plants Everyone Loves For Health

Some people also call it the money tree. But not because it gives money but the reason behind it is that by planting this plant at home the air becomes fresh.

We fall sick less and also save money on taking medicines again and again. That is why this plant is called money plant. Actually, this plant releases oxygen by absorbing carbon dioxide and reduces the level of pollution in the air. This plant can be grown both indoors and outdoors. It can also be applied by filling water in a bottle without soil.

14- Dracena plant:-

Top 30 Indoor Plants Everyone Loves For Health


This plant is good for every season. It controls humidity during summer and removes pollution during winter. You can apply it anywhere.

15- Snake plant as an Indoor Plants:-

Top 30 Indoor Plants Everyone Loves For Health

Snake plant is one of the best indoor plants in India. Snake plants are a popular indoor plant because of their pointed, yellow-green leaves. It is a robust potted plant that requires very little space. This plant goes very well with barren corners of rooms, adding a fun element to the decor.

This plant looks like a snake, hence its name is Snake Plant. But do you know a surprising thing that even NASA scientists have described this plant as a very good air purifier. This plant does not need much sunlight and it is given very little water.

16-Air Plant for Clean Air:-

If you are looking for the best indoor plants for clean air, then air plants for home interior can be considered. With long, lush leaves, an air plant blends perfectly with any home decor.

The best conditions for survival for this indoor plant are in bright, indirect light. Hence, you can keep it on a small window of any discreet space. Remember to soak the plant in sufficient water at least once a week.

17- Jade Plant as an indoor plants:-

A jade plant is so hassle-free that you never have to worry about how to take care of indoor plants again. The plant has a leafy, dark green colour that is complemented by bright red tips. Hence, it can effectively brighten up any small room.

18- English IVY as an Indoor Plants:-

A classic small space indoor plant is English ivy. This plant can be easily potted and hung in small baskets or flower pots. It is a fast-growing plant and therefore, may require regular pruning. In addition, stable moisture and abundant direct sunlight are essential for a healthy English ivy.

This plant is quite beautiful to look at. It seems as if this plant has been made beautiful by cutting etc. A new plant also comes out from this plant in a very short time. If you cut a part of its stem and plant it in another pot, a new plant will be ready within two weeks. Place it in the drawing room.

19- Peace Lily:-

This plant purifies the air by removing the dangerous gases present in the air. You can put it in your living room.

What makes peace lilies one of the best indoor plants is their ease of maintaining. It blooms in beautiful white flowers that can brighten up any living space, no matter how small. You can use a DIY pot to bring out the plant’s natural beauty.

Top 30 Indoor Plants Everyone Loves For Health

As mentioned above, the peace lily is a stunning indoor plant with green leaves and white or yellow flowers. It is also believed that this plant removes toxins and pollutants from the house. This plant neutralises toxic gases like carbon monoxide and formaldehyde. The Peace Lily flower comes in white and yellow colours, which can match beautifully with the aesthetic of your room or home. Also, it is an excellent gifting option.

20- Lady Pam:-

The Lady Palm is a great all-round palm. Its beautiful appearance, air-purifying properties, low light and dry air tolerance makes it an excellent choice for garden, home or office space.

While tolerant of low light, the Lady Palm will perform well in a partially shaded outdoor setting or in moderate to bright indirect light indoors. If you are keeping your lady palms outside, be aware that they can burn in strong sunlight.

Before watering your plant, test the moisture by dipping your finger in the soil. If the soil looks dry, it’s time to water. Remove excess water from the saucer as sitting in it can rot the roots and ruin your plant. Let the top 3-5 cm of soil dry out before watering again. Reduce watering during cooler months.

If the air is dry, especially in an air-conditioned environment, spray your plant regularly to increase humidity. Fertilize your lady palm once or twice with liquid fertilizer during the growing season. Remove any dead or pale leaves. This plant removes pollution and adds freshness to the house. This plant also gives coolness in the summer season.

21- Philodendron tree as an indoor Plants:-

Top 30 Indoor Plants Everyone Loves For Health

This indoor plant looks as if its leaves have been designed with designer cutting. If it is dark in your house and sunlight does not come then this plant is perfect for your house. This is because this plant does not require sunlight at all.

22- Anthurium Plant for Living Room:-

An ideal medium maintenance plant is the Anthurium. It is perfect for any home. The main attraction of this plant is its bright, heart-shaped, waxy flowers. It is a small potted plant and can be kept in any living space.

Anthurium has beautiful flowers which enhance the beauty of your home.

Anthurium plant is a very beautiful plant which is known as Rajahans in Hindi. This plant is so popular that everyone likes to plant it in their house.

It is a flowering plant that blooms throughout the year and that is why it is one of the most popular houseplants or indoor plants. People like to keep Anthurium plant in their homes by planting it in a pot or grow bag.

Let us tell you, this plant is native to the tropical rain forests of Central and South America. Anthurium plants are sensitive to temperature and humidity but despite this you can still plant them in your home with less maintenance. The most important thing about this plant is that it can be grown with the help of seeds.

However, most of the people prefer to plant them from cuttings or prepared plants only.

23- ZZ Plant as an indoor Plants:-

ZZ Plant is also called ‘Eternity Plant’ or ‘Evergreen Plant’ as it is believed to live forever. ZZ Plants can significantly improve indoor air quality. It works by absorbing harmful pollutants in the air, especially carbon dioxide. You can keep the plant in different rooms and live a healthy life.

It’s not necessary to give too much consideration to this. You need to water the plant once every 3-4 weeks, it can grow in both high and low light conditions. With which you can easily keep it in any area of the house.

Due to its low maintenance, it is one of the best indoor plants for homes in India. Place it in a container and place it in any corner of the house and you are good to go. z-PlantZz plant is very easy to care for.

24- Dumb cane as an indoor Plants:-

Top 30 Indoor Plants Everyone Loves For Health

Dumb Cane: Dumb cane plants, also known as Dieffenbachia, are beautiful houseplants popular for their large, colorful leaves. If you are interested in growing and caring for a dumb sugarcane plant. This plant has double shaded leaves which look very beautiful. With this plant the oxygen level in the house remains just fine.

25- Green basil as an indoor Plants:-

Oxygen is also obtained from the basil plant. It has several medicinal properties. It provides relief from cold and cough and also increases immunity. This is why it’s also employed in medications. Adding its leaves to tea every morning and drinking it is very beneficial. Therefore, please plant this plant at home.

26- Bromeliad as an indoor Plants:-

Long, hooked leaves with a greenish-white colour make bromeliads a unique indoor plant choice for the living room. Hence, it requires minimal water.

Growing showy bromeliads may seem tricky, but this tropical-looking epiphyte is easy to care for in average home conditions, offering a range of stunning colors and textures. An epiphyte or air plant does not need soil; It may cling to trees, adhere to objects, or become planted in shallow soil. They don’t require any special equipment or fertilizers.

Bromeliads have spectacular flower displays, but they bloom only once during their lifetime in the right conditions. Once the flowers have faded, cut the flower stalk off at its base. After flowering, the plant typically produces pups or baby branches of new plants. Many types of bromeliad are renowned for their beautiful leaves;

They have multicolored leaves of red, green, purple, orange and yellow, some of which include stripes, streaks, spots and other features. Bromeliads for beginners include those found in the Guzmania, Neoregelia, and Vriesea genera.

Bromeliads are relatively slow-growing plants, taking one to three years to mature into flowering plants; Some can grow up to 18-inches long. Most bromeliads need bright, indirect sunlight or light shade. Bromeliads are non-toxic plants, often growing comfortably in homes with pets or small children.

27- Philodendron as an indoor Plants:-

A timeless favourite plant choice for any home is a Philodendron. It is an extremely communicable plant and hence easy to care for. If the leaves become yellow, you need to water them. If the leaves start falling, you need to reduce watering. So, it is perfect for new plant parents.

28-Fiddle leaf as an indoor plants:-

The supermodel of the indoor plant world, the pretty fiddle continues to grow in popularity. Its attractive harp-shaped leaves look great in almost any location. They have high light needs, they enjoy natural light, but avoid direct sunlight at all costs.

Give it a good soak about once a week until you can let water drain out of the drainage holes, and make sure the top few inches of soil has dried out before watering again.

29- Cast iron as an indoor plants:-

One of the tough plants that truly lives up to its name. The cast iron plant can thrive in too much neglect, low light, and darkness, which will potentially kill many other plants.

They have wide strappy leaves on long stalks and grow in clumps, making them great plants for layering between other plants. Cast-iron plants are nothing but low-maintenance, so, a fairly practical approach is generally best.

30- Creeper plant:-

This lovely creeper, part of the mulberry family, is native to East Asia. They are usually seen climbing the exterior walls of old mansions, but they also do very well inside when allowed to hang down from a hanging pot or shelf. The beautiful variety on the leaves will add pizzazz and something special to your plant collection.

Frequently Asked Questions-

How do I keep indoor plants short?

Indoor plants provide vibrant color to the home, but some varieties can outgrow quickly in limited space. Careful pruning helps keep plants sized to fit your small space by stopping or slowing their upward growth.

Pruning a houseplant annually can also cause more leaves and/or flower buds to appear, which helps it become even more attractive. Pruning of roots, stems and leaves can be done depending on what you want to achieve.

Can indoor plants survive in tiny pots?

Creating a rich green interior or container display isn’t a hit-and-miss affair. Following a few simple planting techniques will ensure that your little plant gets the right environment right from the start that will reward you with lush, relaxing greens in beautiful decorative pots and planters.

Is watering and drainage important?

Proper watering and drainage are key to plant flourishing. Overwatering is the most common maintenance mistake and possibly the easiest way to ruin a small plant. The roots sit in excess water and slowly rot, robbing the plant of its ability to absorb nutrients and moisture.

The risk of overwatering can be reduced by good drainage. Make sure your pots or planters have drainage holes filled in the bottom to help prevent excess water from draining through the soil.

If your planter is inside and away from outside rain and moisture, it is less important to have drainage holes because you are able to control the watering schedule. Additionally, having drainage holes for your indoor plants means water leaks all over the floor, unless you use a cash pot.

Do most indoor plants need a bright spot?

Even though low-light house plants look good, most of them need a bright indirect light corner, where there is no direct sunlight, so it doesn’t matter where you keep them, living room or bedroom. In, make sure your plants get enough light to flourish indoors.

Keep an eye out for trouble signs-

Root decay-

If the soil is soft and mushy and the roots are sticking out of the pot at the base, you are overwatering or don’t have adequate drainage.

The leaves turn brown and yellow-

It’s obvious that your plant’s leaves are getting sunburned, so it’s time to move the spot to warmer, indirect sunlight.

Destruction of leaves-

Falling leaves can occur for many reasons, but indoors, the most common cause is lack of adequate light. So move them to a place with moderate light that does not get too much direct sunlight.

Falling leaves-

wrinkled or blighted leaves- This is a sign of low water levels, so it’s time to give Her Majesty a good bath.

Spotted leaves-

Spotted leaves indicate a fungal pathogen, which is a very complicated issue. We recommend looking for an expert. Contact a local plant nursery as it can be difficult to tell what type of fungus is on your plant.

Leaves turning black-

Many people may think so because of low humidity. But sometimes this is a sign that your leaves have been eaten by a fungus.

Choose the Right Planters-

Modern decorative pots and planters come in all kinds of materials from ceramic, natural, composite, and metal.

Best Planter Materials? Fibreglass-

More importantly, you must love your planter. It will last you and your indoor plants for a long time! If you want to create that factor in your setting, learn some of the qualities of interior decorating!

In this article you learned about the top 30 indoor plants everyone loves for health. You have read and understood in detail the names and characteristics of these indoor plants preferred for health. Hope you liked this ‘top 30 indoor plants everyone loves for health’ article, whatever suggestions you have regarding this article, please let us know in the comment box.

Remember when you’re choosing plants for your home, take into account factors like sunlight, humidity and care requirements.

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