Top 10 tourist places to visit in Rajasthan

Rajasthan is the largest state of India formerly known as the land of kings. The state of Rajasthan is spread over an area of 342,239 square kilometres, which is 10.4% of the total area of India. Not only this, Rajasthan is bigger than some countries of the world, like it is twice bigger than England and 17 times bigger than Israel.

Rajasthan is a large state in India, but most of it lies in the Great Indian Desert, The Thar Desert.  Rajasthan is a very special tourist state of India which attracts tourists from all over the world every year because of its attractive tourist places.

Top 10 tourist places to visit in Rajasthan

The name of Rajasthan was earlier Rajputana, which was later changed to Rajasthan. Rajasthan means the place of kings. Rajasthan, full of natural beauty, attracts millions of tourists from abroad.


Rajasthan is famous for its forts, temples and decorated havelis. Many of the old forts and palaces here are included in heritage hotels. There are many tourist places in Rajasthan like Jaipur, Ajmer, Jodhpur and Udaipur etc.

Being the oldest in Indian civilization, this state has been ruled by many royal kings and emperors and is home to grand palaces and majestic forts of the Maharajas. Rajasthan has a distinctive style of architecture and art that makes it one of the most culturally diverse places in the world.

So if you are also planning to visit Rajasthan, then definitely read this article because below we have given information about top 10 tourist places to visit in Rajasthan.

Top 10 tourist places to visit in Rajasthan and most beautiful tourist places-

1. Jaipur place to visit in Rajasthan–

Jaipur, the capital of Rajasthan is one of the most colourful and vibrant cities in India. Nestled within the mountains on a dry and barren lake bed and surmounted by verdant walls and forts, the Pink City of Jaipur has always been a city full of life. Adhering to a rich culture with a Rajputana flavour, the city boasts of some amazing forts, palaces and lakes.

Top 10 tourist places to visit in Rajasthan

It is said that at that time Maharaja Ram Singh of Jaipur painted the entire city pink to welcome Prince Albert Edward, Prince of Wales, to India, since then it is known as the Pink City. goes.

Due to its amazing beauty and its historical palaces, lakes, and forts, Jaipur is very much liked by the tourists, therefore thousands of devotees from the country and abroad come here everyday to see the culture and tradition, Jaipur also for its delicious and spicy food. very famous all over india

Every year many fairs and Taar are also organised here, in which Elephanta Mahotsava is very famous, which is a main Taar of Hindus, it is organised every year on the occasion of Holi.

Apart from this, you can also enjoy camel rides, balloon rides and rock climbing.

Famous places to visit in jaipur:

  • Hawa Mahal
  • Jal Mahal
  • Jaigarh Fort
  • Nahargarh Fort
  • Amber Fort
  • City Palace
  • Rambagh Palace
  • Jantar Mantar

2. Rajasthan’s famous tourist destination Udaipur-

Udaipur is a city in India which is famous for its exquisite and luxurious palaces. If you come to visit Udaipur sightseeing, then surely you will start to feel like kings and emperors for some time. There is a breathtaking view of amazing beauty that will fill your mind with such a memory. Which you will never be able to forget.

Top 10 tourist places to visit in Rajasthan

Friends, Udaipur is a very beautiful city located in the Rajasthan state of India, surrounded by beautiful Aravali hills on all sides, which fascinates the tourists coming here due to its beauty. In 1559 AD, Maharaj Udai Singh discovered this city and named it. had made his capital

Udaipur is also known by the names ‘City of Lakes’, ‘City of Palaces’ and ‘Venice of the East’ etc. Here you will get to see a combination of lakes and desert together, which is hardly found anywhere else. Apart from this, you can also enjoy the special food here which is famous all over India.

Famous places to visit in udaipur:

  • City Palace
  • Pichola Lake
  • Jag Mandir
  • Taj Lake Palace
  • Jagdish Temple
  • Sajjangarh Palace
  • Friends’ elder

3. Rajasthan’s famous sightseeing place Jodhpur-

The city of Jodhpur, popularly known as the Blue City, is the second largest city in the state of Rajasthan, which was founded in 1459 AD by Maharaja Rao Jodha, a Rajput of the Rathor dynasty, after whom the city was named Jodhpur.

The city of Jodhpur is famous as a popular tourist destination where you get to see many beautiful palaces, forts, temples and gardens. This city is also called the cultural capital of the state of Rajasthan. Forts and temples bring alive the historical glory here.

Top 10 tourist places to visit in Rajasthan

Let us tell you that Jodhpur is also called the heart of Rajasthan due to its location in the middle of Rajasthan. Jodhpur is considered to be the best place to visit in India because there is more than one historical monument worth visiting and seeing here. garden, palace and lake exist

Mehrangarh Fort, Umaid Bhawan Palace, Mandore Garden and Kaylana Lake are very famous, so all the tourists who come to visit Jodhpur must visit these famous places. This city is also called ‘Sun City’ because here sunlight reaches Rajasthan Lasts longer than other cities in

Famous places to visit jodhpur-

  • Mehrangarh Fort
  • Mandore Garden
  • Moti Mahal
  • Umaid Bhawan Palace
  • Balsamand Lake
  • Clock tower
  • Khejadla Fort

4. The most beautiful city of Rajasthan Jaisalmer–

Jaisalmer, famous as The Golden City, is a historical city of Rajasthan, which is adjacent to the border of Pakistan in the western direction of Rajasthan and is located at a distance of about 556 kilometres from the capital of Rajasthan, Jaipur. Apart from this, Jaisalmer is the first city of Rajasthan and the second city of India. Is the third largest district. The sandy hills here and the Thar desert are the epitome of the beauty of Jaisalmer.

Top 10 tourist places to visit in Rajasthan

Jaisalmer is a city that attracts history lovers a lot because the culture, history and geographical scene here attracts tourists from all over the world, so whenever you come to Rajasthan, Jaisalmer must come.

Famous places to visit in Jaisalmer:

  • Jaisalmer Fort
  • Gadisar Lake
  • Sam Sand Dunes
  • Patwon Ki Haveli
  • Amar Sagar Lake
  • Jain Temple
  • Desert National Park

5. Religious tourist places of Rajasthan, Ajmer–

Ajmer district is located in the middle of Rajasthan, it is also called ‘Heart of Rajasthan’. Ajmer is the only city in the whole of India which is called Mecca of India because of its purity. This city was founded by Maharaja Prithviraj Chauhan’s son. Ajayraj Chauhan did it in 1133 AD. Long ago this city was known as Ajay Meru but later its name was changed to Ajmer.

Top 10 tourist places to visit in Rajasthan

Ajmer is known all over the world for its huge forts, palaces and religious places. This city is considered a special place for both Hindus and Muslims, located near Pushkar Lake. There is also a temple of the famous Brahmaji here.

Famous places to visit in Ajmer:

  • Ajmer Sharif Dargah
  • Kishangarh Fort
  • Foy Sagar Lake
  • Anasagar Lake
  • Nareli Jain Temple
  • Sai Baba Temple

6. Chittorgarh places to visit in Rajasthan–

Chittorgarh, located at a distance of about 310 kilometres from Jaipur, the capital of Rajasthan, is considered to be a historical city of Rajasthan. It is said that the foundation of Chittorgarh was laid by King Chitragarh Maurya in the 7th century.

Top 10 tourist places to visit in rajasthan

Chittorgarh Fort, which is called the land of Maharana Pratap, has many monuments that enchant tourists. You must have heard about Rani Padmavati, she was the queen of Chittorgarh when the Islamic invader Allauddin Khilji attacked Chittorgarh in 1303 AD.

Then Queen Padmavati committed Jauhar here with 1600 women. At present, Jauhar fair is organised every year in the month of March at this place. Here the grand palace of Rani Padmavati is also located.

Chittorgarh famous places to visit:

  • Chittorgarh Fort
  • Victory column
  • Meera Mandir
  • Kalika Mata Temple
  • Gaumukh Reservoir

7. Rajasthan’s most attractive place Mount Abu–

Mount Abu, the only hill station of Rajasthan and called Shimla of Rajasthan, is a very favourite tourist destination of Rajasthan which is situated at a height of about 1220 metres from the ground and is the coldest and most rainy place in Rajasthan. is

Serving as a source of respite from the humid desert climate of Rajasthan, Mount Abu, the only hill station in the state, is situated at an altitude of 1722 m above sea level, and is surrounded by the lush green hills of the Aravalli range.

Top 10 tourist places to visit in rajasthan

Adorned with a colourful mix of rustic residences from tribal communities and posh homes including British-style bungalows and royal holiday lodges, Mount Abu looks nothing short of a wonder in this sweet state. Surrounded by vast expanses of lush green forests, serene lakes and gushing waterfalls, the region allows you to enjoy amidst the picturesque views all year round.

Apart from its natural beauty, Mount Abu is also popular as a seat of religious significance for Jains. The structural architectural marvel at Mount Abu, among other places to visit, has been attracting history buffs and architecture enthusiasts from different corners of the world.

This hill station, full of natural beauty, has many lush green forests, waterfalls and lakes, besides Mount Abu is also famous for many religious places and is a major pilgrimage site. So if you go on a trip to Rajasthan, then definitely visit Mount Abu.

Mount Abu famous places to visit:

  • Dilwara Jain Temple
  • Nakki Lake
  • Sunset point
  • Mount Abu Market
  • Achleshwar Mahadev Temple
  • Trevor’s tank

8. Rajasthan’s attractions Bikaner–

Bikaner was founded in 1488 AD by Rathore Prince Rao Bikaji. It is said that Bikaji, one of the five sons of Jodhpur Maharaja Rao Jodha Ji, got angry with his father over some issue and left Jodhpur. After travelling a long distance, he came to a forest, whose name was Jangaldesh. This is where he decided to stay and established his kingdom. He got it built in the form of a magnificent city.

The rich forts and palaces of Bikaner stand out due to their red colour and even today they stand proudly. A rare model of ‘bi-winged aircraft’ preserved in Bikaner (Junagarh Fort) is still a wonder in itself. It was used by the British Army in the First World War and the British had given it as a gift to the then Maharaja Ganga Singh Ji. Another attraction of Bikaner are the sand dunes spread here, which are mainly visible from the north-east to the southern area.

Top 10 tourist places to visit in Rajasthan

Bikaner is one of the tourist destinations of Rajasthan state. The city of Bikaner was founded by the Rathore Rajput ruler Rao Bika in 1488. Let us tell you that the land was snatched from the rival Jat rulers of that time.

Bikaner city may have seen many wars in the past but even today it is a major tourist destination. This city is quite famous for its delicious sweets and snacks. If you come to visit the state of Rajasthan, then you must come to Bikaner once to see the forts and taste the delicious food here. Along with this, various fairs organised in Bikaner also attract a large number of tourists every year.

Come to Bikaner and enjoy the amazing and diverse sightseeing. See, many unique things can be seen in Rajasthan.

Famous places to visit in Bikaner:

  • Chunagadh Fort
  • Shree Laxminath Temple
  • Karni Mata Temple
  • Lalgarh Palace
  • Jain Temple
  • Gajner Lake

9. Sawai Madhopur, a place worth seeing in Rajasthan Tourism–

Sawai Madhopur is one of the major districts and tourist places of Rajasthan. Let us tell you that it is known as ‘Gateway to Ranthambore’. The most special thing about Sawai Madhopur or Ranthambore city is that it has seen many regimes and events. Sawai Madhopur partly consists of plains and hilly areas. The south and south-eastern part of the district consists of hills and broken lands which form part of a vast tract of rugged terrain encircling the narrow valley of the Chambal River.

Surrounded by Vindhya and Aravali, Sawai Madhopur is like a paradise for adventure and history lovers. Ranthambore National Park and Ranthambore Fort, included in the UNESCO World Heritage Site list, are the main attractions here. If you are planning to visit Sawai Madhopur (Ranthambore) or want to visit its tourist attractions, then definitely read this article. In which we are giving you information about the history of Sawai Madhopur and its tourist places.

Top 10 tourist places to visit in Rajasthan

The most interesting thing is that the world’s only ‘Mukh Wale Ganesh Ji’ temple can be seen only in Sawai Madhopur.

So, whenever you go to visit Rajasthan, you must visit the temple of Lord Ganesha situated in Sawai Madhopur, along with some famous dishes like Motichur laddoos, Gangapur rabri, Melon laddoos and the famous guava here, which you can enjoy. you also take it

Famous places to visit in Sawai Madhopur:

  • Ranthambore Fort
  • Kailadevi Temple
  • Ghusmeshwar Temple
  • Shri Mahavir Temple

10. Banswara, a beautiful place in Rajasthan-

Banswara is a very beautiful city located in Rajasthan, Banswara is situated at some distance from the border of Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh. The place to visit in Banswara attracts lakhs of tourists from India and abroad every year and the calm and pleasant environment of this city has been liked by the tourists and it is seen annually by lakhs of tourists.

Top 10 tourist places to visit in Rajasthan

The city of Banswara was founded by the Bhil king Basia Charpota on 14 January 1515. And the name of this city was earlier named after the king but later it was changed to Banswara. Banswara is also called the City of Hundred Islands. Because there are many islands in the Mahi river coming from Madhya Pradesh and Mahi does not pass through Banswara, hence this city is called the city of hundred islands. And during your visit to Banswara, do indulge in the famous food and cuisine of this place.

Attractions and Places to Visit and Explore in Banswara:

  • Anand Sagar Lake
  • Abdullah Peer
  • Andeshwar Parshvanathji ji
  • Ramkund
  • Vitthal Dev Temple
  • Daylab Lake
  • Mahibandh
  • Kagdi Pick Up Wear
  • Paraheda
  • Paraheda
  • Talwara Temple
  • Mangarh Dham

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