Kolkata: Where Tradition, Culture, and Modern Wonders Unite

Kolkata is situated on the eastern bank of the Hooghly River. It is capital of the western Indian state of Bengal & has the beloved title of ‘City of joy’. The old name of Kolkata was Calcutta. Kolkata is India’s third most populous city, after the bustling metropolises of Mumbai and Delhi. In which, at every step you take, you feel the power of Indian cultural heritage, amazing art, and priceless literature.

Kolkata: Where Tradition, Culture, and Modern Wonders Unite

It is not only the former British capital of India, but it is also a living picture that blends its beautiful past with the Pallavit art, spectacular architecture, and modernity of modern India. 

It is not just a city, but a cultural centre, an instigator of the industrial revolution, and the arena of modern Indian culture and poetry. Kolkata invites you to discover everything from its magnificent Victoria Memorial to the epic Howrah Bridge and to immerse yourself in its rich history, inspiring art, and spiritual sites.

Kolkata: Know when Calcutta became Kolkata, in detail history:

Culcutta, one of India’s largest cities, was formerly known as Calcutta, about 96 miles (154 km) upstream from the head of the Gulf of Kolkata, which was the main channel of the Ganges (Ganga) River. The city of Calcutta was the capital of India during the British Rule in 1772. Let us try to understand the history.

The Evolution of the City of Joy: A compress journey Calcutta to Kolkata:-

  • 1686: Calcutta established through British Raj plans.
  • Aug 24, 1686: Job Charnock sets up the first factory in Sutanuti for British East India Company.
  • Calicut, Govindpur, Sutanuti: Vital trading centers in 16th-18th centuries.
  • 1772: Calcutta is declared the capital of British India, and Warren Hastings moves it from Murshidabad.
  • 1774: Formation of the Supreme Court, which formed the foundation of justice.
  • 1820–1930: The seeds of nationalism were sown, Lord Curzon divided Bengal in 1905, but faced nationalist opposition.
  • 1911: Capital shifted from Kolkata to Delhi, East and West Bengal were re-united.

What happened in Calcutta during India’s independence?

At the time of India’s independence in 1947, Bengal was partitioned and Calcutta became the capital of West Bengal. On 15 August 1947, Dr. Prafulla Chandra Ghosh assumed charge as the first Chief Minister of West Bengal.

When did Kolkata become Kolkata?

On January 1, 2001, Calcutta was officially renamed Kolkata and August 24, 1686 was celebrated as the foundation day of Kolkata before a High Court order in 2003.

A delightful trip towards Kolkata:-

Kolkata: Where Tradition, Culture, and Modern Wonders Unite

Kolkata, a city in India, is rich in cultural and historical heritage offering visitors its outdoor beauty, historical sites and some delicious food items. Let’s find out how to reach Kolkata and include it in your plans.

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1- Choose to visit Kolkata by Air:

The simplest and safest way to reach Kolkata is by air. Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose International Airport (NSCBI) is the main airport and has regular flights from many countries. Kolkata city is only 15 kilometers away from Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose International Airport and you can avail the facility of taxi to cover this distance. You can reach Kolkata by train, bus or even your vehicle, but air travel will help you reach here in less time and comfortably.

2- Choose to visit Kolkata by Train:

Travelling by railway is a very easy and affordable way to reach Kolkata. Because traveling by railway brings you to a distance of only 5.5 kilometers from the main city. The railway station here is small, but it gives you direct connectivity to Sealdah and Howrah. Like there is connectivity with only a few nearby cities.

If there is no direct train facility from your city, you can take a train to Howrah or Sealdah. This railway station is well connected to all directions and areas and you can get trains from these places or There will be taxi facilities, so that you can make your journey to Kolkata more pleasant.

3- Choose to visit Kolkata by Bus:

Another easy way to reach Kolkata is by bus, Kolkata city is well connected by road to various states also. So you can choose from different types of buses, such as AC, Non-AC, Volvo and luxury coach buses, as per your budget and comfort preferences.

You will get the bus facilities in regular, semi-sleeper, and sleeper categories. Which run on various routes. We have provided a general guide to make your bus journey easier. Bus timings may vary, so check the schedule and plan your journey. Night buses are available for longer distance travel.

Neighboring states:

  •   There are regular bus services to travel to and from neighboring states like Bihar, Jharkhand, Odisha.
  • Go to the bus station and get information about the route and timings.

Inter-State Buses:

  • Inter-state bus services operate from several states.
  • Check with your local bus terminal or travel agency for route and schedule information.

Within West Bengal. Buses:

  • There are various interstate bus services for people traveling from within West Bengal.
  • Contact state transport corporation or private operators.

Bus terminals in Kolkata:

  • Culcutta has many bus terminals, like Esplanade Bus Terminal, Babughat Bus Stand, Howrah Bus Terminal.

Online booking:

  • Many bus operators offer online reservation services.
  • To book bus tickets online, visit the operator’s website or use the online travel portal.

Travel agencies :

  • Local travel agencies may provide bus ticketing services.
  • Inquire with them for information on routes, types of buses, and tickets.

4- Local Transport of Kolkata:

  • Using local transportation in Culcutta is very easy.
  • Metro, bus, and taxi can take you safely to different parts of the city.

Best time to enjoy the beauty of Kolkata:-

If you are thinking of visiting Kolkata, the beautiful tourist destination of West Bengal, then the winter time, which lasts from October to February, is the best time. This season is the meeting of autumn and winter, which makes it a great place to visit culcutta This time is especially important as various festivals take place here, including Kolkata’s biggest festival, Durga Puja.

Kolkata: Where Tradition, Culture, and Modern Wonders Unite

While the summers starting from March are very hot, this time It is better to avoid traveling to Kolkata as temperatures can reach up to 45°C, making your journey difficult.Whether you prefer the cool winter weather, or want to explore in the spring or summer sun, Kolkata always welcomes you, no matter when you visit. So, let’s step towards this beautiful city and enjoy its splendor.

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1. Winter Season(November to February):

Kolkata has cool and pleasant weather in winter, which makes this place extremely pleasant even in summer season. From November to February it is cooler here and you can enjoy the city’s major sights, such as the Victoria Memorial and Howrah Bridge.

2. Spring Season(March to May):

Between March and May, spring in Culcutta is filled with beautiful flowers and greenery. This time also makes the city’s gardens even more beautiful and is excellent for exploring historical sites.

3. Summer Season(June to September):

From June to September is the summer season in Kolkata, but even during this time many events and festivals take place here, which includes Durga Puja. If you want to experience the amazing cultural richness of India, then visiting Kolkata during summer months can be a good option.

Famous and delicious food of Kolkata:-

When it comes to food on a Culcutta trip, it is the street food of Kolkata that is considered to be the best in India. If you do not taste these special dishes on your Kolkata trip, then your trip will be considered incomplete. Come, let us take you into the world of famous street foods of Culcutta that you must try.

1. Roshogulla-

Kolkata: Where Tradition, Culture, and Modern Wonders Unite

Roshogolla is the king of sweets in Culcutta. These tiny sweet balls melt in your mouth and leave behind a unique sweetness.

2. Aloor torkari-

Aloo Torkari is a delicious curry that is healthy and tasty at its best Bengali style with potatoes and a rich tomato gravy. Aalur torkari is usually served with flat breads such as puri or chapati.(Edited)Restore original

3. Kathi Roll-

Kolkata: Where Tradition, Culture, and Modern Wonders Unite

When it comes to tasty rolls, Kolkata’s Kathi rolls are second to none in the market. With nicely roasted tandoori chicken and chutney in tandoori roti, this is a crowd favorite too.

4. Mishti Doi-

This is another famous Culcutta sweet which is made from milk and its softness and sweetness will impress you a lot.

5. Fish Cutlet-

Another specialty of Kolkata is the fish cutlet there. Specially prepared fish pieces with special spicy masala which will please your mouth very much.

6. Kolkata Coffee-

If you are a coffee lover, the Kolkata Coffee available on the streets of Kolkata has a unique taste.

Apart from all these dishes, in the list of dishes of Kolkata’s signature dishes includes macher jhol (fish curry), shorshe illish (hilsa fish in mustard sauce), chingri malai curry (shrimp in coconut milk), and a variety of sweets. These are prominent examples of the glorious heritage of Bengali food.

Enjoy shopping at great bargains on the streets of Kolkata:-

If you are fond of shopping for sarees, woven clothes or novels of your choice etc. then Kolkata’s streets is a great option for you. The streets of Culcutta will give you a unique shopping experience. From cheap clothes to inexpensive take-home souvenirs, these places will give you good bang for your buck while still getting the best of the best.

New Market-

  • New market, also known as Hogs Market, is the oldest and major market of Culcutta.
  • Here you find prominent sarees of Kolkata in the reconstruction section, such as Lal Paar sarees which are worn during Durga Puja.

Chowringhee Road-

  • On Chowringhee Road, You can buy unique and attractive items, such as clay items, from sidewalk vendors.

College Street-

  • At College Street, you can satisfy your bookish passion and old books are also available here.

Gariahat Road-

  • On Gariahat Road, there are retail shops of traditional and modern clothes with Bengali expertise.


  • In Swabhoomi, you can find Indian handicrafts and jewelry, which can make a souvenir. You also get options for food items to bring.

Places to Stay and Rest in Kolkata:-

If you are on a trip to Culcutta, then you have the beautiful facility of some guest houses to stay and rest where you can also enjoy the local cuisine. So here are some unique tips to relax and enjoy tasty food in Culcutta.

Sonar Bungalow:

Sonar Bungalows is your comfortable stay in Kolkata, rich in Bengali culture. Here you will find luxurious rooms, comfortable facilities and delicious food, which will make your local experience even more delicious.

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Maya Guest House:

This is a very cozy and beautiful guest house located in the central urban area of Kolkata. Here you will get all the necessary facilities, so that you can make your trip more memorable. The intimacy and sensitivity of the guest house will make you feel at least at home here.

Top 5 wonderful places to visit in Kolkata:-

If you are on a trip to Culcutta then let us tell you that you must visit 5 top tourist places in Culcutta. Kolkata has some amazing tourist places to visit, from the culturally rich Shantiniketan to tranquil beaches and national parks. These tourist places attract tourists with their natural beauty, history, art and culture. If you are fond of photography. So, you can give vent to this hobby of yours in Kolkata. So let’s visit the top 5 tourist places in Culcutta.

1- Sunderbans:

Kolkata: Where Tradition, Culture, and Modern Wonders Unite

  • Sunderbans, a mysterious mangrove forest just a few kilometers from Culcutta, offers you a wonderful world of tigers, waterways, and aquatic species. Here you can enjoy wildlife safaris, where deer, tigers, crocodiles, and tortoises will charm you.
  • In this UNESCO World Heritage Site you will also enjoy the beautiful trees which make this forest even more special. At Sajnekhali Bird Sanctuary near Sundarban Tiger Reserve you can see different species of unique birds.

2- Santiniketan:

  • Santiniketan, located at a distance of 164 km from Culcutta, is an ideal tourist destination, famous as the Visva Bharati University established by Rabindranath Tagore. Here you can enjoy open-air education, and enjoy the various art mirrors in the university.
  • The Uttarayan complex houses Tagore’s residence and museum, where you can enjoy the art and cultural heritage. The best time to visit Santiniketan is during their organized festivals and fairs, which make the art and cultural celebrations even more colourful.

3-Howrah Bridge:

  • Howrah Bridge, which you know as Rabindra Setu, is a magnificent cantilever bridge in Kolkata that is built characteristically over the Hooghly River. Its design is unique and no nuts or bolts were used while building it. The length of the bridge is approximately 2,150 feet (705 metres).
  • It was constructed in 1943 and is one of the most talked about and busy places in Kolkata. A place that is not only rich in history but also famous for its unique and beautiful design.

4- Birla Temple:

  • Birla Temple, also known as Lakshmi Narayan Temple, was built by the Birla family in 1996. It is very famous for its intricate architecture and marble carvings. It is a major religious and cultural site of the city. Which attracts the tourists coming here.

5- Diamond Harbor:

  • Diamond Harbour is  an exciting tourist spot. The peaceful atmosphere and beauty of this place will take you away from the hustle and bustle of the city. It is a unique opportunity to be a visitor to this fascinating site located just 50 km from Culcutta.
  • Diamond Harbour, formerly known as Hajipur, is where the River Ganga turns south to meet the sea. In addition, you can also enjoy the remains of Portuguese rulers here, such as the fort and the lighthouse. A ferry ride to Haldi in the area around Diamond Harbor can also be an exciting experience.
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