How to plan a trip to Manali on a low budget

Are you planning to plan a romantic trip to Manali? But is your enthusiasm waning after seeing the budget limit? So in this article we will tell you ‘How to plan a trip to Manali on a low budget’?

How to plan a trip to Manali on a low budget

Manali is the mysterious city of Himachal Pradesh which has earned a special recognition for its beautiful mountains and famous temples of Lord Shiva. The magnificent natural beauty of this place makes every traveler’s heart swell. Whether you are looking for peace of soul, going on a romantic trip with friends, or planning to enjoy a relaxing holiday with family, Manali is the perfect place to fulfill all your intentions.

Enjoy traveling in Manali: How to plan a trip to Manali on a low budget-

It’s everyone’s dream to visit the beautiful city of Manali, Himachal, and the best way to turn this dream into reality is to stay within the right budget! Here we will tell you How to plan a trip to Manali on a low budget and make your trip unique. The cost of your Manali trip may change according to your interests and needs, but if you want to stay within budget, these are some general tips.

Including your travel expenses, such as hotel, catering, and attractions, it can cost around Rs 10,000 to Rs 15,000. If you want your journey to be safe amid the Corona situation, then booking a taxi can be a good option, which can easily take you to the place.

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If you love adventure, then renting a scooter or bike can be another romantic and convenient option, allowing you to visit your favorite places with ease. For this you will require a driving license and Aadhaar card. You can enjoy every aspect of Manali by staying within the budget to make the trip memorable and turn this unique journey into a unique experience.

Enjoy Manali hotel stay: Save as per your needs (How to plan a trip to Manali on a low budget)-

A large part of staying in Manali goes into booking hotels, and there can be many options. You get two ways here, one is online booking and the other is offline. Online booking can cost as low as Rs 1000, but we recommend you spend a little more here. You book a hotel only after reaching your destination, this can save you Rs 500 to 800 and you can easily look for other cheap hotels instead of Mall Road.

This approach not only lets you experience a comfortable stay, but it also lets you enjoy maximum convenience and savings. So, the next time you choose Manali, remember – a relaxing stay can be enjoyed only when you stick to your budget and needs!

Romantic start to air travel: Kullu Manali Airport (How to plan a trip to Manali on a low budget)-

The fastest and most convenient way to reach Manali is to travel by air. Kullu Manali Airport, located in Bhuntar, is reliable and ideal for romantic travel. Manali is approximately 50 kilometers away from this base.

When you land from the airport, the natural beauty of Manali will open in front of you, seeing which your heart will start beating. To make this romantic trip even more memorable, you can avail taxis or buses available from the airport to Manali. This will make your journey not only safe but also comfortable, allowing you to enjoy the nature that Manali has to offer.

Rail Trip: Comfortable and Budget-Friendly Travel (How to plan a trip to Manali on a low budget)-

The most fun and comfortable way to travel cheaply to Manali is to travel by railway. Pathankot, Chandigarh and Kalka are the nearest railway stations to Manali, at a distance of 250 to 300 kilometers from Manali. Bus services are available from these places, the fare of which ranges from Rs 500 to Rs 600, while Volvo buses can cost Rs 1000 to Rs 2000.

A journey by railway has its own charm, which includes the morning dawn of deserted hill stations, the spectacular views, and the romantic atmosphere of railway travel. Besides this, you also get access to the local flavor, which makes your journey even more memorable. So, enjoy the train journey and get lost in the beauty of Manali!

Traveling by bus: the romantic trip towards Manali (How to plan a trip to Manali on a low budget)-

If you want to make your journey romantic and travel in the lap of mountains, then going towards Manali by bus is a very attractive option. You can easily get bus services from Delhi, Dehradun, and Chandigarh, whose fares may vary depending on your location. For a romantic journey, a Delhi to Manali bus will cost you around Rs 600 to 700.

This bus journey will not only take you under the spectacular shade of lush green mountains surrounding Naitrya, but you can also enjoy romantic moments with your music and snacks during the journey. So, enjoy the bus ride and embark on your journey into the natural world of Manali.

Romantic drive with surrender: towards manali (How to plan a trip to Manali on a low budget)-

If you want to go on a romantic trip with your beloved partner, then a trip to Manali by bike or car can be a great option. In this journey, the sweetness of the roads, the beauty of the snow covered hills of Himachal, and the color of your love will be felt at every step.

During a bike trip, you may have to face green tax, which can be Rs 100 for a bike and Rs 200 to 300 for a car, but in this small expense you will experience a memorable and romantic journey. So, prepare yourself to get lost in the roads and enjoy this unique avenue.

Manali: A Walk-in-the-Heart Trip (How to plan a trip to Manali on a low budget)-

Manali is a mysterious and beautiful place in Himachal that wraps you in its arms. When you visit this picturesque spot, Hadimba Temple, Manu Temple, Mall Road, local monasteries, and Vashishtha hot water springs will captivate you.

Enjoy relaxing by the river banks, or plan a trek into the forests of Old Manali to find a place that will completely put you down to your roots. Come, get ready to enjoy this unique venue and embark on a journey into your heart.

Day 1: An adventurous journey to Hidimba Devi Temple (How to plan a trip to Manali on a low budget)-

  • Start your first day at Hidimba Devi Temple, one of the oldest temples in Manali. This temple is named after Hidimba, the wife of Veer Bheem and its beauty and scenic beauty will make you get lost in the courtyard of the temple. Next, proceed to Old Manali, where you will get a chance to enjoy the shade and a unique atmosphere of the ancient village. From here, head towards Manu Temple, a serene and spiritual place.
  • The natural beauty around the temple and the memories of sage Manu’s penance will make you feel peace and joy. After spending the first day exploring these unique sites, you can enjoy your unique journey as you walk through the history of Manali.

Day 2: Rohtang – A heavenly mountain dedicated to adventure (How to plan a trip to Manali on a low budget)-

  • When the first rays of the sun touch Rohtang Pass, your mind will be filled with joy! This heavenly place is situated at an altitude of approximately 4,000 meters, allowing you to commune with your soulmate. Rohtang’s balmy weather, dense wildlife and some spectacular glacial views will make a trip to Rohtang a unique trip of your life.
  • Here you can make your trip even more fun by enjoying skiing and mountain biking. Rohtang Pass – an adventurous mountain peak, inviting you to be captivated by its beauty and scenic beauty.

Day 3: Solang Valley and Jogini Waterfall (How to plan a trip to Manali on a low budget)-

  • Solang Valley – Every story related here is full of adventure! A heavenly winter world that comes alive with snowfall. Flowing here, the white snow and the hills full of greenery will take you into the darkness of dreams. Solang Valley is not just a destination but an experience combining natural beauty, modern amenities, and open skies.
  • Enjoy adventure activities, set up your camp in the lush green valley, and get lost in the beauty of Solang. Visiting this place full of beauty is a unique and unforgettable experience of life, and we can ensure that you will return from here with a new excitement and joy.

Jogini Falls: A journey of unique beauty (How to plan a trip to Manali on a low budget)-

  • When you walk towards Jogini Falls, the atmosphere there will already captivate you. The path to the waterfall is simply beautiful, in which you can see the smell of Beas River, the height of snow clad peaks of Rohtang. Here you find a unique blend of natural beauty, with a new view at every step.
  • This peaceful place situated on the banks of river Jogini retains its importance as a pilgrimage site, and you can also find many old temples around the pool there. The best way to enjoy this spectacular place is to get up early, so you can spend more time at this natural wonder.
  • In today’s article we learned “How to plan a trip to Manali in low budget?” And how much can be spent on planning the beautiful and adventurous places in Manali, these things have been discussed. We wish that your journey goes smoothly! If you have any questions related to this journey, please let us know in the comment box below.
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