Best Spiritual Places to Visit in India: You Must Visit for Soothe Your Soul and Relaxing Vibes

Are you looking for a break from the stresses of life? Do you want to know about “Best Spiritual Places to Visit in India”. Maybe you don’t know about many spiritual places in India that give peace to the soul. India is famous for its natural beauty and varied culture as well as spiritual places. Snow clad mountains, beautiful beaches, lush green forests and full of spiritual awareness make it the best spiritual place to visit in India.

Best Spiritual Places to Visit in India

When stress is high, you must visit the best spiritual places to visit in India to soothe your soul and bring a relaxing feeling that will give you peace. Peace is always beautiful, and when you choose the right place, it becomes even more beautiful. It is a unique experience to be in a peaceful place, where you experience natural beauty and feel connected to yourself. Best Spiritual Places to Visit in India: Like Silent Valley, Pangong Tzu, Gokarna, and Cherrapunji. In this hustle and bustle of life, take time out for relaxation, because it is important for you.

Best Spiritual Places to Visit in India:- 

In the north, you’ll find a peaceful environment in the mountains full of ancient monasteries, such as Ladakh and Dharamsala. Moving southwards, one will find amazing temples that reveal the rich history and spirituality of India. Like in Tamil Nadu and Varanasi, where beautiful temples and holy rivers can be experienced. In the west, there is the colorful state of Rajasthan full of ancient temples and pilgrimage sites.

And in the east, there is the Dakshineswar Kali Temple in West Bengal, while the Jagannath Temple in Puri. These spiritual places in India provide a unique opportunity to connect with yourself in a serene atmosphere. No matter where you go in India, you will find deep spiritual understanding woven into everyday life.

1.Best Spiritual Places to visit Haridwar: (Best Spiritual Places to Visit in India)-

Hari-ke-Dwar, one of the major spiritual places in India, is extremely famous. Here one can hear the melodious sound of river Ganga, but its current is very fast, because it is situated very close to the mountains. Haridwar is famous as the gateway to the sacred places of Yamunotri, Gangotri, Badrinath, and Kedarnath.

It is believed that Haridwar is one of the places where the Amrit fell when Garuda, the vehicle of Lord Vishnu was carrying it. Various yoga and meditation centres, temples, ashrams, and Hari-ke-Pauri (on the banks of the Ganga) are available for your spiritual peace. Watching the Aarti of Ganga, which takes place at Har-ki-Pauri, is a unique experience that you must remember. So, don’t forget to book a hotel to spend some time in Haridwar as per your budget.

Advice for travelers-

  • When you come to Haridwar you should visit Swami Vivekananda Park, Patanjali Yogpeeth, Vaishno Devi Temple, Mansa Devi Temple, Chandi Devi Temple, and Shanti Kunj.
  • Here the sound of bells and mantras will give peace to your soul and you will experience the play of God.
  • While visiting Rishikesh, you should also visit yoga and meditation centers, which will provide you mental peace and freshness.
  • Sightseeing in Haridwar will take you to the shelter of God, where you will experience immense peace.
  • Let God’s blessings shower upon you abundantly and indulge yourself in worship, so that you can get a moment’s break from worldly attachments.

2. Best Spiritual Places to visit Dharamshala: (Best Spiritual Places to Visit in India)-

Dharamshala, a famous hill station situated in the Kangra valley attracts tourists. It is nestled amidst its dense oak and coniferous forests, along with snow-capped mountains making it an immense paradise. Located in the Indian state of Uttarakhand, Dharamshala is one of the peaceful and beautiful tourist places.

It is the base site of Dalai Lama and is popular for religious and natural beauty. Along with this, Dharamshala’s monasteries, temples, museums, waterfalls, and famous cricket stadiums have made it a destination full of tourist activities.

Advice for travellers-

  • Dharamshala is one of the best spiritual places to visit in India.
  • Here you get peace and comfortable atmosphere.
  • Visiting spiritual places in Dharamshala gives peace to the mind.
  • It is famous all over the world due to its beauty, mountains, waterfalls and clean rivers.
  • Both Indian and foreign tourists come here.
  • On the first day you can visit Dal Lake (Nadi Lake), which attracts people with crystal clear water.
  • Here you can also do many adventure sports like bungee jumping and rafting.
  • You can go for trekking on the Triyund Track of Dharamshala, where you will see many people trekking.
  • After trekking, you can visit the sacred Jwalamukhi Devi Temple for peace, where it is said that Pandavas also rested for some time.

3. Best Spiritual Places to visit Dwarka: (Best Spiritual Places to Visit in India)-

Dwarka, Gujarat, situated at the beginning of the Gulf of Kutch, is an important pilgrimage site for followers of Hindu religion. This place falls in both Char Dham and Sapt Puri categories. Char Dham are four holy pilgrimage sites in Hinduism, while Sapt Puri are seven holy cities. The temple of Dwarka is the main center of Dwarka Peetha, founded by the great saint Adi Shankaracharya, who unified Hindu beliefs throughout India.

Best Spiritual Places to Visit in India

According to history, Dwaraka was the capital of Lord Krishna, who is considered an incarnation of Lord Vishnu. It is said that Lord Krishna made this city his capital during his rule. According to ancient stories, Lord Krishna’s city Dwarka was drowned in the Arabian Sea. Even today, archaeological discoveries continue in this area, trying to uncover the mysteries of ancient Dwarka.

The architecture of this temple is mesmerizing and its spirituality offers peace to every devotee. This temple, dedicated to Lord Krishna, was built by his grandson Vajranabha. This five-storey temple with a 78 meter high spire rests on 72 pillars and has two entrances, the main northern gate of which is called Moksha Dwar. A visit to this temple is a must include on any Dwarka trip, as it offers amazing architecture and a deeply spiritual experience.

While visiting Dwarka:

  • You can experience the mystical environment of the beach.
  • One can enjoy the peaceful sunsets and sunrises, which are the specialty of this place.

Travel Planning:

  • If you are planning a trip to Dwarka, book a hotel here for a few hours so that you can spend time comfortably.
    You can also start your journey from Delhi, which is a popular route to reach Dwarka.

Must visit important places while going to Dwarka:

  • Dwarkadhish Temple: This temple dedicated to Lord Krishna holds religious and cultural significance.
  • Nageshwar Shiva Temple: A famous Shiva temple, which is important from the religious point of view.
  • Rukmini Temple: This temple dedicated to Rukmini, the wife of Lord Krishna, is also an important religious place.+
  • Bhalka Tirtha: This place is also important from religious and cultural point of view and will make your visit even more special.

Plan a journey:

  • Add all these important destinations to your list while planning your trip.
  • Be a part of this magical and holy city of Dwarka and enjoy its religious and cultural heritage.

Best Spiritual Places to visit Varanasi: A confluence of history, spirituality and culture: (Best Spiritual Places to Visit in India)-

Varanasi, considered to be the oldest city in India, is the most sacred site for the followers of Hinduism. This city is not only one of the seven sacred cities of India but also ranks among the oldest cities on earth. Formerly known as Kashi, the city was connected to a kingdom of the same name 2,500 years ago, but its history is estimated to go back more than 5,000 years.

Located along a unique stretch of the River Ganga, Varanasi is one of the few places where the 2,510 km long river flows north instead of its usual south-east direction, keeping the city bustling with life and energy day and night.

Best Spiritual Places to Visit in India

Varanasi has 84 ghats located on the western bank of the River Ganges, where devotees gather to worship and take a dip in the sacred river. The process of cremation continues day and night at Manikarnika Ghat, which makes it an important religious site. For a devout Hindu, dying in Varanasi and immersing the ashes in the sacred river Ganga after cremation here grants salvation to the soul and freedom from the cycle of birth-death-rebirth.

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Every corner of Varanasi echoes with history, myths and legends. Filled with ancient temples and sacred sites, the city offers a unique collection of religious and cultural heritage. Along with its cultural heritage, Varanasi is also famous for music and silk sarees. Apart from this, the city is also known for unique and delicious street food like Tomato Chaat. Varanasi’s spirituality, history and cultural vibrancy make it an important and unforgettable city in India.

Advice for travelers:

Best Spiritual Places to Visit in India

When to visit Varanasi:

  • The best time to visit Varanasi is between October to March, because the weather remains pleasant and cool during this period. The temperature here can be very high in summer, making traveling uncomfortable.

Special celebrations:

  • Varanasi has its own special and unique Diwali festival, which is known as Dev Deepawali.
  • The festival of Dev Deepawali is celebrated 15 days after Diwali, and makes the religious and cultural atmosphere of Varanasi even more unique.

Best Spiritual Places to visit Rishikesh: (Best Spiritual Places to Visit in India)-

The arrival of The Beatles in 1968 thrust Rishikesh into the consciousness of the Western world. This famous band spent a few months in seclusion in an ashram located on a cliff above the river Ganges, studying meditation and seeking spiritual peace. Since his stay there, and especially with the growth of the worldwide yoga movement, Rishikesh has become a major center for yoga students and spiritual seekers. I have also shared my experiences here with The Beatles Ashram in Rishikesh.

Rishikesh’s spiritual significance is much older than this. The city has been a meeting point for sages and sages for centuries. Since the beginning of recorded history, they have been gathering in this picturesque valley along the banks of the Ganges to meditate, pray and expand spiritual consciousness. It is a sacred place with traditions that extend deep into the past.

Best Spiritual Places to Visit in India

Nowadays, Rishikesh, known as the ‘World Capital of Yoga’, has also been discovered by local tourists, who consider it as a gateway to adventure. The new generation of pilgrims now come looking for the thrill of white water rafting rather than spiritual insight. On weekends, when there is a large influx of tourists among spiritual seekers and pilgrims, it becomes difficult to find those moments of peace that the city was once famous for. Nevertheless, these magical mornings of Rishikesh are still mesmerizing.

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If you arrive at the banks of the Ganges at dawn, see the milky mist rising above the green waters, and experience the golden sun rising slowly from behind the mountains, you will be captivated by the unparalleled beauty and intense energy of this place. You will surely be fascinated. The view is not only soothing to the eyes but also provides a deeply peaceful experience to the soul. Such moments spent in Rishikesh immerse you in the depth of this ancient and sacred place and its spiritual heritage that transcends the boundaries of time.

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Advice for passengers:

Best Spiritual Places to Visit in India

Ideal Travel Time: Best time to visit Rishikesh is between October to March. This period is called ‘Season’, when many yoga schools and ashrams conduct various training programs and retreats. At the beginning of March, the annual International Yoga Festival takes place, which brings an influx of foreign teachers and students to Rishikesh.

Top Things to Do in Rishikesh:

  • Meditate on the banks of the River Ganga: Meditating on the banks of the sacred waters of the Ganges is a deep and peaceful experience.
  • Join an early dawn yoga class: Practicing yoga in the freshness of the morning fills you with energy and peace.
  • Stay in a Yoga Ashram: By staying in an ashram, you can completely immerse yourself in yoga, meditation and spiritual education.

Top tips for Rishikesh:

  • Stay at a Yoga Ashram: To truly enjoy Rishikesh, stay at a yoga ashram for a few weeks. Here you can participate in the time-honored traditions of morning yoga and meditation every day, enjoy a vegetarian meal, and take part in spiritual practices, recitations, and kirtans.
  • Explore outside the city: There is much beyond Rishikesh to explore. Do some walking tours and hikes that take you to rural areas, waterfalls and nearby temples. Traveling by car, you can also visit Vashishtha Caves, Rajaji National Park, or Kunjapuri Temple at sunrise, which are famous for their unique and captivating views.
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