Best places to visit in monsoon in India:

Enjoy the rains in these beautiful places during the monsoon. Here are some of the best places to visit during the rainy season.The rainy season is such a fantastic time of the year, in which there is a green and fresh environment everywhere. During the rainy season there are many people who prefer to stay inside their houses and many people who like to roam very much.

Best places to visit in monsoon in India

There is nothing wrong If we say rainy season is the best time to see the beauty of nature. India is such a country full of best places to visit in monsoon. If you really want to see the amazing views and beauty of nature in this season, then you can visit many tourist places in India. Here are some of the best places to visit in monsoon in India:

1. Darjeeling beautiful place to visit in monsoon-

Darjeeling is an exciting and beautiful destination located in the Indian state of West Bengal, which is known for its natural beauty, calm and peaceful environment and excellent mountain views. Here are some major heritage sites and places to visit that can make your Darjeeling trip a memorable one.

  • Tiger Hill: This is an attractive hilltop viewpoint in Darjeeling, from which you can enjoy a beautiful sunset and sunrise.You can see the colourful rays of the sun coming out from the middle of Kanchang’s hills.
  • Four way (chaurasta): From here one can see the high valleys of Darjeeling and spectacular viewpoints, due to which children and old people all like to visit this place.
  • Gandhi Road:  This is the main market street in Darjeeling, where you can go shopping and enjoy delicious local food.
  • Japanese Temple: It is a beautiful Buddhist temple established in 1972 for peace and purification of the mind.
  • Darjeeling Himalayan Railway: It is a World Heritage Site and has been included in the World Heritage List. Must-see and take a trip to North Point. A visit here in rainy season will prove to be truly memorable for you.
  • Barbatia Rock Garden: This rock garden is located at a distance of about 5 kilometres from Darjeeling. The route to this destination meanders through towering mountains and dense forests, creating an exhilarating journey that delights tourists.
  •  Mahakal Temple: This ancient Hindu temple is known for large worship ceremonies among Shiva devotees.
  • Happy Valley Tea Garden:This entire region is covered with clouds. On reaching here, you will feel as if you can touch the clouds with your hands.Here you can taste the famous tea of Darjeeling and enjoy the tea gardens.

Apart from these best places, there are many other extreme beauty spots in Darjeeling that can satisfy your mind to a great extent. Enjoy this trip and enjoy the beautiful nature and culture of Darjeeling.

2. Places to Visit in Karnataka during Monsoon:

Karnataka is a colourful state in South India, which presents a special charm in the rainy season, you can say karnataka is the wonderful place to visit in monsoon in India. It is known for its natural beauty, historical places, developed cities of Bangalore, and cultural diversity.

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Monsoon time in Karnataka (July – September):

Karnataka experiences are very fresh every year from July to September, with temperatures averaging around 28°C in various regions. This lovely time is perfect for nature lovers and honeymooners to enjoy the super beauty of the place.

Major attractions in Karnataka:

During the in the rainy season in karnataka, these are some best places to visit in monsoon in India, such as the majestic Mysore Palace, the enchanting Bangalore Palace, the ancient Vithala Temple, and the awe-inspiring Virupaksha Temple in Hampi, just to name a few.

3. Kausani is a place to visit in monsoon –

Kausani is a nice place to visit in the rainy season, which is a small village situated in the state of Uttarakhand and is known for its natural beauty. This place becomes very beautiful during the monsoon because during this time the clouds come here till the top of the houses, due to which it looks like a paradise. As soon as the monsoon starts in Kausani, the atmosphere of this place becomes very attractive. If you are looking for the best places to visit in monsoon in India, then definitely visit Kausani once.

Top tourist places in Kausani in monsoon:

Gandhi Ashram, Rudradhari Falls and Caves, Tea Gardens, Anasakti Ashram, Pear Farm, Baijnath Temple , etc. are major attractions of Kausani.

4. Panchgani, a place to visit during the monsoon –

Panchgani is one of the best places to visit in the rainy season in the state of Maharashtra, India. Although you can visit Panchgani at any time of the year, it becomes very beautiful during the monsoon. Nestled at an elevation of 1334 metres, Panchgani transforms into a mesmerising green paradise during the monsoon season. This charming hill station is a heaven for nature lovers and tourists alike. Exploring Panchgani during the monsoon promises an unforgettable and enchanting experience that will stay with you forever.

Monsoon time (July – September) in Panchgani:

Panchgani, hill station and a very special place for monsoon lovers. After a hot summer here, July marks the beginning of the monsoon season which results in a drastic drop in the temperature. The monsoon replenishes the vegetation in the region, drying the atmosphere and turning dry areas into lush green landscapes.

5- Famous tourist destinations of monsoon Munnar Kerala –

If you want to visit a beautiful place, then travelling to Munnar located in the Idukki district of Kerala can prove to be a special experience for you. Munnar is a very attractive place situated at an altitude of 1600 feet above sea level and it is like a heaven for nature lovers. Munnar becomes even more beautiful during the monsoon; the lush green surroundings make the tourists happy.

Monsoon time (July – November) in Munnar:

Many people avoid the arrival of rains in Munnar as the rains can hamper sightseeing around the town. But let us tell you that the best time to visit Munnar is during the rainy season.

These places offer unique experiences and unforgettable memories during the monsoon. Have you ever been to these best places to visit in monsoon in India? Let us know in the comments, How was your experience visiting these places?

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