Best places to visit in Gujarat in summer

If you are also looking for a good place to spend your holidays in Gujarat, then let us know about the best places to visit in Gujarat in summer, where you can have fun with family. Best holiday places in Gujarat: If seen, there are many places worth visiting in Gujarat including forests, rivers, waterfalls, hill stations and camping sites; where you will get peace of mind along with fun. All these places can be easily reached by your personal car.

Gujarat is known for pilgrimage, hills, sea, forest and desert. If you want to travel best places to visit in Gujarat in summer, then these are 8 places that have all the facilities including name, features and stay. These are the places where all the places including forests, sea, mountains and temples are mentioned.

1. Polo Forest (Sabarkantha) (Best places to visit in Gujarat in summer)-

The forest of Polo is located in Sabarkantha district in the state of Gujarat, i.e. on the road from Idar to Vijayanagar.  If we look at this, the place of Polo Forest is located at a distance of 70 km from Himmatnagar and 150 km from Ahmedabad.

Best places to visit in Gujarat in summer

The special thing is that the “Harnao River” also flows in the middle of this forest. Where a big embankment and several small embankments have been built ahead. You can enjoy this tour of Polo Forest for one day. However, this Polo Forest is open for all twelve months but; If you come in the monsoon, you will see a different view of nature here. Yes, your mind will be blown away by the sight of this nature.

2. Statue Of Unity: (Best places to visit in Gujarat in summer)-

Yes, India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi inaugurated the world’s largest statue in 2018. That statue belongs to none other than “Sardar Patel”, the Iron Man of India. It is called the “Statue of Unity”. This statue of Sardar Patel is 182 meters high and has become a “centre of attraction” across the country.

Best places to visit in Gujarat in summer


Thousands of people come here and visit Kevadia village in the Narmada district. This is the same statue which is located at a distance of 3.5 km from Sardar Sarovar Dam.  Here, along with the Statue of Unity, there are attractions like the Leisure Show, Light Show, Flower Valley, Nauka Vihar, Cactus Garden, Butterfly Garden, Ekta Nursery, Jungle Safari and Ekta Mall.

3. Dhordo White Desert (Kutch): (Best places to visit in Gujarat in summer)-

The white desert of Kutch makes us feel the moon on the ground. It is a place where many tours are organized and many festivals are organized along with it. Traditional and artistic items of Kutch are also found in this desert. This white desert of Kutch has become an attraction not only of Gujarat but also of the whole world.

Due to the salt, the grey colour of the sand of Kutch turns white and the earth looks as if it is sitting on a white sheet. This is the only reason why this desert of Kutch is called the White Desert. Secondly, the view of this desert is somewhat different in the cold moonlight.

4. Dwarka: (Best places to visit in Gujarat in summer)-

The city of Lord Shri Krishna i.e., “Dwarka”. The only place that is the first choice for people. Dwarka has places to visit like Jagat Mandir, Gomati Ghat, Nageshwar, and Shiv Rajpur Beach. Here the devotees enter the Jagat Mandir through a specially constructed Swargadwara. When the burden of the temple comes out of the Moksha Dwar.

There is also a Betdwarka near 30 km from Dwarka. For Vaishnavism, Dwarka means a place that resides in the heart. Bet Dwarka can be reached by water from Dwarka by ferryboat. The seats of Mahaprabhuji and the temples of Sri Krishna Bhagwan Patranis are also there. Adya Shankaracharya established the Saradapith in Dwarka and enshrined his disciple Sureshvaracharya as Pithadhiswara. If you are a tourist from outside Gujarat then you must visit this place of Dwarka once.

5. Saputara and Gira Falls: (Best places to visit in Gujarat in summer)-

“Saputara” is the perfect vacation spot for you if you really want to enjoy nature and want to get away from the pollution and congestion of the city. Saputara in South Gujarat is the only hill station in Gujarat which is situated at an altitude of around 1000 meters. It is a perfect place to visit in summer as the temperature here is below 30 degrees throughout the summer.

Here, you can visit places like Boating, Step Garden, Sunset Point and Ritubhara Vidyalaya etc.  In the bazaars here you can buy Warli paintings and various items made from vases. From here you can also buy jewellery related to tribal culture.

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6. Balaram Palace: (Best places to visit in Gujarat in summer)-

It is believed that the Nawab of Lohani, who ruled the region of Palanpur or Banaskantha, used Balaram Palace as his favorite resting place. Historical accounts claim that Balaram Palace was built between 1922 and 1936, in the 29th decade of Palanpur. The architecture inside this grand palace is inspired by neo-classical and baroque styles of architecture.

A total area of 542 square kilometres has been used in the construction of this palace. This magnificent palace is surrounded by lush green forests and gardens. However, at present, the palace, once enjoyed as a hunting retreat by Nawabs and kings, has now been converted into a resort. It is situated at the highest point of the northern Gujarat region.

7. Seema Darshan at the zero point of Nadabet: (Best places to visit in Gujarat in summer)-

This Seema Darshan has been started to commemorate the bravery of BSF jawans based on the Wagah border pattern. The Wagah border is the only India-Pakistan border where both countries hold drill retreats and can be seen by the public. BSF’s retreat ceremony, fusion band and camel show will be the main attractions in the border viewpoint. Tourists can see a weapon display, photo gallery and a documentary film of BSF at the newly developed location by the Tourism Corporation of Borders (TCGL). This place is definitely a must-visit.

8. Dantiwada Dam; (Best places to visit in Gujarat in summer)-

Dantiwada Dam has been constructed on the Banas River. The purpose behind the construction of this dam was to provide water for flood control and irrigation purposes in Gujarat. The height of this dam is 61 meters and the length is 4832 meters. The dam has attracted several visitors from across the country due to its scenic beauty. Visitors make sure they visit the Balaram Ambaji Wildlife Sanctuary located near the dam. There is a dividing line between Dharoi Dam and Dantiwada Dam.

The distance from Palanpur to Dantiwada Dam is approximately 23 km. which is about 14 miles. The temperature during the summer months is around 23 to 44 degrees Celsius. During winter you can expect around 10 – 36 degrees Celsius. Tourists prefer to visit the dam during October to March to experience the best weather. Peak season time is from October to December.

These are the Best places to visit in Gujarat in summer where you can visit with your own personal vehicle. Apart from this, there are many places in Gujarat which you will get tired of visiting again and again but you will feel that you will come to visit again. Not only these Best places to visit in Gujarat in summer but there are many other parks, temples and historical places that you can visit in summer.

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