10 best tourist places to visit in South India

South India is known for its culture, traditional values, spectacular beaches and natural landscapes that attract travelers. With the Eastern and Western Ghats being the custodians of this region, one can see an abundance of exotic flora and fauna. Here we have listed the best places to visit in South India to enjoy a visit to the major tourist destination of South India and indulge in thrilling adventures.

10 best tourist places to visit in South India

South India is very much liked by tourists, because this southern part of India is very famous all over the world for beautiful tourist places, temples, churches and its attractive beach.

If in true sense you have not visited the hill stations of South India, then your journey to India is considered incomplete. The whole area is full of mesmerizing views and shades. In this article, we will talk about some of the major attractions to visit in South India. So let me introduce you to some amazing places.

1. Munnar, in Kerala, South India-

There are many interesting places around Munnar that you can visit. If you are a nature lover then you can visit special places like Echo Point, Eravikulam National Park and Kundala Lake. Apart from this, there is also a lot to do for culture lovers. Marayoor, near Munnar, has The Dolmen and Rock Paintings and the Tea Museum, one of the largest tea estates in the city, is the best place for historical and cultural information.If you want to enjoy this beautiful destination of South India.

So first of all, know more information about some of the beautiful places here, then make a plan to visit. The lush green surroundings with beautiful lakes, waterfalls, plantations, flora and fauna make this place a heaven on earth.

10 best tourist places to visit in South India

Whether you are visiting with your family or on your honeymoon, Munnar is an ideal place to visit. The aroma of tea plantations, fragrant greenery and pristine waterfalls in Munnar make it the best place for tourists to spend some quality days. You can spend your time here visiting various attractions including Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary, Anamudi Peak, Chinnakanal Falls, Echo Point etc.

Also, you can stay in a tree house or visit the tea gardens for a surreal experience. Safari tour of Eravikulam National Park and Shikara ride in Kundala Lake should also be on your list of top things to do in Munnar.

The weather of Munnar is very pleasant and colorful throughout the year, so people from many parts of the country come here to escape the heat and make the beauty of this place memorable. Munnar experiences heavy rainfall during the monsoon season which can disrupt your travel plans as most of the activities are prohibited during this time of year. How To Reach Munnar:

How to reach Munnar:

  • Travel by Air – Nearest airports are at Kochi (130 kms) and Madurai (142 kms).
  • Travel by Train – The nearest railway stations are at Kochi and Kottayam.
  • Travel by Road – Munnar is well connected by road to nearby major cities.
  • Best time to visit – From the beginning of September to June.

2. Coorg, in Karnataka, South India-

Coorg or Madikeri is one of the famous hill stations in South India which is often visited by tourists. Dense tea plantations and innumerable water streams make Coorg a paradise for nature lovers. Apart from enjoying the cool weather, there are many things to do here, such as trekking, rock climbing, trekking etc. The steep hills of this place are one of the major attractions for adventurous people. This beautiful hill station in Karnataka is full of mesmerizing and picturesque views.

10 best tourist places to visit in South India

Whether you are a sophisticated traveller, an explorer, an adventurer, or a tranquility seeker, this place has something to offer for everyone. Don’t miss out on popular festivals such as Bhoolenkeil Poldu (worship of weapons), Kaveri Sankaramana (return of the river goddess) and Hatari (harvest).

Stunning mountains, cascading waterfalls, and eye-popping flora and fauna, this place is indeed an ideal holiday destination for those who wish to spend a few days in nature. Acclaimed as a favorite destination for white water rafting, Coorg is ideal for adventure seekers as well as for those who need an escape from their monotonous 9-5 busy lives.

How to reach Coorg, Karnataka:

  • Travel by Air – The nearest airport is Bangalore at a distance of 260 kms.
  • Travel by Rail – The nearest railway station is Mysore at a distance of 120 kms.
  • Best time to visit – From early October to April.

3. Ooty, in Tamil Nadu, South India-

When we are talking about the best hill stations in South India, it is our priority to include the most popular and our favorite Ooty in our list. The road connecting to Ooty is quite good; Thus, you can look forward to a convenient journey. Ooty has been attracting tourists from all over the country for many years. You can enjoy a toy train ride here, explore the Botanical Garden, Toda Huts etc.

10 best tourist places to visit in South India

Ooty is an ideal hill station that draws the entire family as well as loving couples and newly weds into its abode. Primarily known as the “Queen of Hills”, Ooty has everything that a hill station can attract tourists to.

The hills, lush green environment and natural beauty of this place will enthrall you during your visit. Here one can see and learn how sustainable use of natural resources should ideally be. The Botanical Garden and Rose Garden in Ooty has many attractions of nature ready to mesmerize you. To see the tourist places in Ooty, you have to understand nature and get lost in it.

How to reach Ooty, Tamil Nadu:

  • Travel by Air – Coimbatore, 105 km from Ooty, is the nearest airport.
  • Travel by Train– Mettupalayam is 47 km from Ooty, which is directly connected to Coimbatore and Chennai. The amazing and famous toy train there connects Ooty to Mettupalayam and Coonoor.
  • Best Time To Visit – Throughout the year.

4. Coonoor, in Tamil Nadu, South India-

Situated at an elevation of 1,858 metres above sea level, Coonoor is the second highest hill station in the Nilgiris. There are many lodges and hotels in Coonoor where you can stay comfortably. You can indulge in various activities here like trekking to the waterfalls, family outings and camping. The places that you must visit here include Katie Canyon, Lamb’s Rock, Lodge Falls, Sims Park to name a few.

10 best tourist places to visit in South India

Those people who are looking for the perfect destination. This hill station can become their favorite destination, which can be the best combination of a peaceful environment to calm them down and cherish the beauty of nature. It is known for activities such as trekking and hiking, as well as being popular for tea plantations and festivals.

Also tourist places in Coonoor are Sims Park, which has a collective display of more than a thousand different species of plants. Tourists usually trek from Lady Canning’s Seat to Dolphin’s Nose. Five and a half km away from Coonoor is Lambus Rock, another serene and picturesque point. The fort of Droog is also a famous attraction.

How To reach Coonoor:

  • Travel by Air – The nearest airport is Coimbatore at a distance of about 68 kms.
  • Travel by Train – Coonoor Mettupalayam is 28 kms. and Ooty is on the toy-train line. Train service is often disrupted during the monsoon season due to heavy rains.
  • Best Time To Visit – November-February.

5. Kodaikanal, in Tamil Nadu, South India-

Located in the Dindigul district of Tamil Nadu, Kodaikanal is one of the most famous and well populated hill stations in South India. Meadows, waterfalls, valleys, forests and lakes define this picturesque site. Apart from boating in Kodai Lake, one can do various treks for spectacular views.

10 best tourist places to visit in South India

The picture-perfect beauty of this hill station will make you lose yourself in no time. Kodaikanal, the city of romance, gives you a new feeling every time you visit with its pure and untouched natural beauty and makes you feel one step closer to the glory of Mother Nature. Kodaikanal attracts tourists and travelers as well as tourists both nationally and internationally every year.

We all know that Tamil Nadu is considered to be the king of South India and hence the city of Kodaikanal adds a bit more to its glory. This city is not only for newly wed couples but you can also go for Kodaikanal city sightseeing with your family and enjoy various sports and adventures provided by this mesmerizing and beautiful city.

How to reach Kodaikanal:

  • Travel by Air – The nearest airport is at Madurai at a distance of 120 km.
  • Travel by Rail- The nearest railway station is Kodai Road Railway Station 80-km from here. and Palani Railway Stations are approximately 64-Km.
  • Best time to visit – April to early June and September to October are the perfect times.

6. Vithiri, in Kerala, South India-

If you are a nature lover and are looking for a hill station in South India that can give you the best views of nature, then Vythiri is the perfect destination. Whether you are going alone in search of peace, or having fun with the family, this place is perfect for all kinds of people.

10 best tourist places to visit in South India

The refreshing, relaxing, and mesmerizing beauty of this place is very much liked by the people and makes this hill station a better tourist destination. If you want to get away from the monotonous city life, then Vythiri can be your next destination. Listapara Falls and Chembra Peak are top-notch attractions in the city.

How to reach Vithiri:

  • Travel by Air – The nearest airport is Calicut International Airport at a distance of 85 kms.
  • Travel by Train – Calicut is well connected to Bangalore and Mysore.
  • Best time to visit – September to early May are the perfect times to visit here.

7. Kudremukh, in Karnataka, South India-

If you are an adventure lover and are looking for the perfect hill station where you can perform various adventure sports like trekking, camping etc., then Kudremukh is the perfect destination for you. The beautiful surroundings of hills, lakes, rivers etc. give the visitor a complete experience of the visit, which is worth remembering for a lifetime.

Kudremukh is famous for its picturesque view. Its velvety texture in the green rocks is unique in its beauty, and tourists from across the country visit the hill station to admire its natural beauty. Tourists visiting here can witness beautiful flora and fauna through trekking in the Western Ghats.

It is situated in the protected area of Kudremukh National Park, which has been made for wildlife enthusiasts. It is known to be a habitat for several endangered and endemic species where you can spot tigers, leopards and wild dogs. It is blessed with varied flora and fauna.

How to reach kudremukh:

  • Travel by Air – Nearest airport is Mangalore at a distance of 99 kms.
  • Travel by Train – Nearest station is Mangalore at a distance of 99 Kms.
  • Best time to visit – Throughout the year.

8. Nandi Hills, in Karnataka, South India-

Nandi Hills is one of the most famous destinations in South India and a favorite with the people of Bangalore. Situated at an altitude of 1478 m, this hill station is famous for its weather, which remains pleasant throughout the year. If you’re traveling from Bangalore, you’ll reach Nandi Hills within a few hours. It is shaped in the form of a golden bull and thus called Nandi Hills.

10 best tourist places to visit in South India

The picturesque sights of this hill station will never let you down with its charm. Apart from stargazing and watching the first rays of the sun, one can do paragliding, cycling, trekking, camping and a lot more here. A cool breeze and misty views will take over the streets as soon as you enter the foothills of the Nandi hills.

The top view of the hills will welcome you with lots of monkeys, exotic birds, variety of plants and more. Not only can you travel to the hills, but with resorts nearby, you can also spend a night amidst a natural getaway. With all the beautiful wonders of nature and breathtaking landscapes, this hill station is the perfect destination for a long family outing, a weekend getaway with friends or to rejuvenate your soul.

How to reach Nandi Hills:

  • Travel by Air – The nearest airport is at Bangalore, 60 kms away.
  • Travel by Rail – The nearest railway station is Chikkaballapur.
  • Best Time To Visit – Throughout the year.

9. Idukki, in Kerala, South India-

Idukki helps to disconnect from the stress of city life and provides magical surroundings to relax in. It is one of the popular hill stations in South India, also known for national parks, wildlife sanctuaries, tea gardens and spice gardens. There are many things to do here like boating, paragliding, trekking and camping.

Perfect for a tranquil hideaway from the hustle and bustle of the city, Idukki should be on your bucket list. Treat your loved ones to witness the flora and fauna of this incredible hill station. Idukki has mesmerizing rock formations, lush greenery, lagoons, calm rivers and cascading waterfalls that mesmerize the tourists and leave them with memories to cherish forever.

How to reach Idukki:

  • Travel by Air – The nearest airport is 132 km from Cochin.
  • Travel by Rail – The nearest railway station is at Kottayam, 133 km away.
  • Best time to visit – October to June.

10. St. Mary’s Island udupi in Karnataka, South India-

St. mary’s island udupi located only 6 km off the coast of Karnataka, St Mary’s Island is a lesser explored tourist destination in South India. A group of 4 islands namely Darya Bahadurgarh Island, North Island, South Island and Coconut Island. St. Mary’s was formed by sub-volcanic, subaerial activity about 88 million years ago when Madagascar was in India.

The white sand beaches, exotic wildlife and rock monoliths make this island captivating. Moreover, the views of crystallized basalt rock formations and awe-inspiring sunsets will make your experience a memorable one.

How to reach St. mary’s island udupi:

  • By Ferry: The island is 6.4 km away from the coast, and you can reach the island by ferry services.
  • By Air: You can reach the nearest airport at Mangalore which is 58 km away from Malpe. There are frequent buses and taxis available to Malpe.
  • By Rail: The nearest railway station is Udupi which is 4 km from Malpe.

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Final words-

So this was the list of 10 best tourist places to visit in South India. If you also know some other tourist places which are not in this list, then do tell us in the comment box below. And of course plan your visit to any of these places soon. All these places are ever ready to welcome you.

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